Sound-based Creativity in Schools – Workshops

De Montfort University will work together with other partner institutions to run a series of workshops on project themes of soundscape, sound-based music, hacking and education (linking to the EARS2/Compose with Sounds project action). Workshops will take place throughout the UK, Germany & Greece.

By working to bring together the worlds of sound-based music and hacking, we aim to demonstrate value and user-friendliness of this new musical creation to teachers and students alike, allowing ideas to be taken forward into community and educational settings without the need for additional support.

Cross-curricular work with art, design technology and other subject areas is possible. This, in turn, will widen both students’ and teachers’ understanding and interest in terms of their musical spectrum of interest and eventual participation.

Workshop Updates:

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Updates on Athens Teacher Workshop

Sound-based Music in Schools: Workshop Updates

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Update of Sound-based Creativity in Schools

Listen: Student Compositions from Recent “Sound-based Creativity in School” Workshops

Electro-Cricket, 26 July 2017
Phoenix Square Art Centre, Leicester

A free event aimed at children and families, Electro-Cricket will allow participants to make complex beats, rhythms, pops, clicks and chirps with a DIY musical instrument. Working together, an orchestra of ‘relay-based oscillators’ will be created, using everyday objects to amplify and change the sound of the instrument.


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