Intention/Reception Study

DMU, working closely with all partners, will start from its prior experience in research in order to provide audience-based data to demonstrate appreciation and accessibility based on a number of Interfaces initiatives, namely those related to electroacoustic music/sonic art/sound art. DMU has a successful track record in over six countries globally regarding research focusing on the accessibility of electroacoustic music including a specific focus on triangulating composers’ intentions with listeners’ reception of innovative forms of sound organisation.

A bespoke approach for Interfaces’ international cultural actions will be created in order to gain audience and workshop participant feedback supporting the project’s vision with data regarding both reception and appreciation. All partners (main & associate) of the scheme will be able to participate in the accumulation of audience data – over the entire project. The results can be used as a reference and, stronger still, lobbying tool to convince various actors of the value of new music in today’s society.


Data Collection Methods