Interfaces aims to inspire more people of all ages and demographics to experience contemporary music and sound art and learn to incorporate the European musical legacy in newly found idioms and contexts.

#Audience Development:

Too often, audiences have a very small degree of exposure to innovative and challenging practices, because of the very standardized music they come into contact with in the media or in schools. Interfaces will experiment with a variety of methods to break down these barriers and reveal the wealth and relevance of today’s music and sound art.

#Transnational Mobility

The geographic distribution of the partnership ensures that a diverse range of local experience is brought into play and also guarantees that ideas, practices and artists circulate throughout a very diverse cross-section of European Society.

#Capacity Building

Today’s media environment is evolving rapidly. Even organisations who are not primarily focused on commercial art forms must be aware of the new techniques available for reaching broader audiences. Interfaces will provide ample opportunity for training and capacity building activities for the partners and associated partners addressing the sub-priorities of digitization, social media, archiving and broadcasting