In Situ – European Sounds in Space

The In Situ Project aims to create an intrinsic relation between a physical place, building or location and a musical work for electronics or electronics and instruments. This project offers composers venues outside the traditional concert hall and the possibility of getting in touch with listeners outside the sphere of the traditional philharmonic milieu.

Some of the important issues for this project are: How does the music inhabit an architectural design? How do the sonic qualities of the work reveal the characteristics of a newly created or existing space? How does the social characterization of space inform listening?

More than mere acoustics, architectural venues incorporate a wide range of historical, cultural, and even political messages. In an ideal pairing, the venue complements the performance and enhances the event for the benefit of the audience; likewise, an informed selection of repertoire can draw attention to the setting in which it is performed.

Within the whole duration of the Interfaces project, 5 historic and interesting architectural sites will resonate across Europe with contemporary music and bring new music to new audiences.

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Part 1

Part 2



In December 2018, the ‘In Situ’ project brought together artists for three days. Below are links to the leaflets, programme and promotional material which were used to support the event.