Updates on Athens Teacher Workshop


In December 2018, Duncan Chapman & David Holland conducted a workshop with teachers in Athens (at the Onassis Cultural Centre), aimed at introducing ways of using digital apps for sound-based creativity in the classroom. Several of the products from this workshop are available below.

Workshop Information

Sounds not notes lie at the core of this “Composing sounds using digital apps” workshop! It sets out to teach us how we can records sounds from our everyday environment, then process and sequence them using a digital application.

It will also show the participants—who do not need any musical knowledge to take part—how to incorporate activities centred on music and/or sound into their teaching, and how to adapt them to the age of their students and their teaching context.

The workshop will revolve around three key axes: 1) how we can be taught to listen, 2) how we can record sounds, and 3) how we can compose with the sounds we record. The participants will also learn how to use the “Compose with Sounds” software package, and take away material at the end of the workshop which should be useful for their own teaching.


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