Interfaces Sound Art Festival

Dates: 31 May to 4 June
Locations: Phoenix Square, The Curve Theatre, LCB depot and The Exchange Bar
Price: Free (No reservation needed)

The Interfaces Sound Art Festival brings sound art to venues across Leicester’s Cultural Quarter.  Presented across the Cultural Quarter in Phoenix Square, The Curve Theatre, LCB depot and The Exchange Bar, the festival includes a diverse range of work that explores and celebrates sound in relation to space, place, image and sculpture. 

Commissioned audio and audiovisual installations from Myriam Boucher, Mr Underwood and Urban Projections will be joined by contributions from  Davide Baldazzi, Peter Batchelor & Ian Bilson, Rob Chafer, Bruno Iglesias, Danny Ingram, Donggyu Lee, Francesc Marti, John Richards and Stewart Worthy.

Installations from DMU Music and Audio Technology

LCB Depot installations start Thu 30 May 1:00 pm

All other installations start Fri 31 May, 1:00 pm*

All finish 4 June, 5:00 pm

Curve Theatre:

  • Peter Batchelor, Contraption
  • Rob Chafer, Innermost
  • Danny Ingram, Balloon Bridge
  • Francesc Marti, Speech 2
  • John Richards, Death and the Shell
  • Stewart Worthy, Tungsten Ghost

Exchange Bar:

  • Donggyu Lee, Window ≠ Wall 

LCB Depot*:

  • Davide Baldazzi, Molekules
  • Bruno Iglesias, Frame of Phase

Please note that opening times at LCB Depot are

  • 31st May: 1pm-10pm
  • 3rd/4th June: 9am-5.30pm

From left: Batchelor/Bilson, Cascade(2018); Marti, Speech 2(2015); Iglesias, Monolith(2019), Worthy, Mirror Screen (2019)

In Situ: Find out more

In Situ

In December 2018, the ‘In Situ‘ project brought together a collective of sound artists to host a three-day series of talks and installations within historical locations in Leicester.

The collaboration between De Montfort University and IRCAM (Pompidou Centre, Paris), has involved the creation of site-specific artistic environments celebrating special historic architecture, providing unique sonic experiences at historical locations.

The activity is organised in the framework of the Interfaces Network, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

More information is available in the documents found below.

Updates on Athens Teacher Workshop


In December 2018, Duncan Chapman & David Holland conducted a workshop with teachers in Athens (at the Onassis Cultural Centre), aimed at introducing ways of using digital apps for sound-based creativity in the classroom. Several of the products from this workshop are available below.

Workshop Information

Sounds not notes lie at the core of this “Composing sounds using digital apps” workshop! It sets out to teach us how we can records sounds from our everyday environment, then process and sequence them using a digital application.

It will also show the participants—who do not need any musical knowledge to take part—how to incorporate activities centred on music and/or sound into their teaching, and how to adapt them to the age of their students and their teaching context.

The workshop will revolve around three key axes: 1) how we can be taught to listen, 2) how we can record sounds, and 3) how we can compose with the sounds we record. The participants will also learn how to use the “Compose with Sounds” software package, and take away material at the end of the workshop which should be useful for their own teaching.


Piece 1
Piece 2
Piece 3
Piece 4
Piece 5
Piece 6
Saturday Plant 1
Saturday Plant 2


Sound-based Music in Schools: Workshop Updates

As part of the continued progress of the Sound-based Creativity in School initiative, David Holland & Duncan Chapman worked with students across Leicester, Loughborough and Coventry in workshops introducing sound-based music.

In addition to the compositions by these students, photos and footage below document workshops run in a Lemington Spa community centre and also at the Warwick Arts Centre (part of Warwick University).

Student Compositions

Warwick Art Centre

Lemington Spa

Submit: Interfaces Community Arts Resources Hub

With the Interfaces Community Arts Resources Hub nearing completion, please use the following to provide information on your community arts projects.

A Google Form is being used to collect data, after which it will be added to the site. Please be sure to use your Google log in to provide the information and ensure your email is valid.

If you do not have a Google account, there is a secondary form available. Please email jack.richardson@dmu.ac.uk for the link to be provided.

Link for submission: https://goo.gl/forms/sMYUbOBM2HtVxnLx1



Telematic Hacking: More Details Announced

Telematic Hacking: First Meeting + Exposition 1


DMU will contribute to the telematics arts initiative focusing on hacking, as a particularly appropriate means of telematic performance. Many sounds from hacked instruments have unique characteristics and behaviours and do not operate in the same manner as traditional instruments. Such issues as latency in networked performance will not be seen as a detriment, but instead as part of the material nature of the Net that offers unique possibilities for making music together. DMU will work with hackers, cyber security experts and artists facilitating international collaborative works and coordinate a number of telematics events and expositions which can be seen as a live stream or later on a YouTube channel. The basic concept here is to legally hack internet routers so that they are able to sonify the movement of data across the Internet. International partners in New Zealand, China and throughout Europe will work on this project alongside the other Interfaces partners such as OCC in Greece.

The impact of this initiative may not be primarily in the large number of users within a finite amount of time, but instead, enabling the creation of a new, technology-driven form of community-based music making crossing age groups, levels of ability and cultural background possible and most importantly bringing together people from all around Europe. The community of interest will grow well beyond the end of the project’s duration

What is Telematic Hacking?

A group of leading artists exploring the materiality of the Net meet in a telematic room. Over a series of meetings a new work emerges. Tools and hardware hacks to sound the network will be investigated. The devising will be ‘televised’ online and the telepresent audience will be invited to make their own ‘instrument’ for performance. The telematic meetings will coalesce in exposition events at a set time and physical location.

Keywords: telematics; hacking; workshop; network performance; telepresence; DIY; curated research

Location: the Net/UK

Project duration: November 2017 – March 2018

First meeting: 28 – 29 November 2017

Streaming and broadcast: http://www.periscope.tv/D_Electronics_


Exposition I:

29 November

PACE Building, Richmond Street, Leicester UK, LE2 7BQ

7pm GMT

Free entry