Listen: Sample-based Music Workshop

On the 25 and 26th of October 2018, Prof. Leigh Landy worked with students from AMU – The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague – to deliver a workshop on Sample-based Music.

The students came from all three of AMU’s faculties: namely, the Theatre Faculty (DAMU), the Film & TV School (FAMU) and the Music & Dance Faculty (HAMU). Additional students participating in the MA in New Media at Charles University also attended.

More information on the workshop can be found by visiting: Additionally, photos and three of the compositions created in the workshop are available here!

Words courtesy of SNM Sounds:

Sampling is a peculiar area of musical innovation for, unusually, in some ways developments within more popular forms of sample-based music have shown the way for more experimental musicians. Often it works the other way around. An example of this is how musicians with roots in popular music collaborate within sampling culture/remix. Many working within more innovative circles still adhere to the composer as the ‘owner’ of a work, something that is slightly contradictory given the nature of the use of samples.

The workshop focused on how to make sample-based music. Subjects were include decisions regarding how to find and collect/record samples; how to approach composing with these materials; compositional and manipulation techniques; and so on. Participants were supposed to use their favorite software or the software made for beginners called Compose with Sounds.




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