Visible Bits, Audible Bytes: 31 May 2019

Visible Bits, Audible Bytes

When? Friday, May 31, 2019
Where? Phoenix Cinema
What time? 18:00-19:30
Price: Free. Phoenix reservations recommended.

Visible Bits, Audible Bytes brings genre-defying audiovisual art to Leicester’s Phoenix Cinema. From the ecstatic to the sublime, from the chaotic to the calmed: see how artists and musicians around the world are using new technologies to animate imaginative audiovisual worlds. Going beyond the bounds of traditional narrative, abstract flows of image and sound invite wonder and contemplation. 

With the support of the EU Interfaces project, Visible Bits, Audible Bytes has commissioned award-winning Montréal video artist and composer Myriam Boucher, to premiere a new live performance work in Leicester. On June 1, she will also be presenting a workshop on VJ-ing – the performance of live visuals for music.