“Bringing New Music to New Audiences” Project Mapping

Intended as a resource site to act as an information hub regarding initiatives, in particular around Europe but also well beyond, “Bringing New Music to New Audiences” aims to further the research of sound-based music and pool together information pertaining to similar projects in order to uncover best practice.

Examples of similar projects could include those that are current or previous, from single events (such as concerts) to long-term initiatives (such as audience research). By ‘new music’ what is meant is original innovative works of music, including the sonic arts, which largely reside outside of the commercial sector. The site is intended to be as inclusive as possible offering interested parties the ability to be informed about their colleagues’ work and communicate with them to further progress.

This initiative will lead to an international conference in Leicester, UK in September 2018.

Click here to download resources for Workshop 1 – On Listening