Dirty Electronics: Music for DIY Electronics

Dirty Electronics: Music for DIY Electronics


Title of project:

Dirty Electronics: Music for DIY Electronics (part of the Interfaces Project

Brief overview of initiative or, if relevant, organisational strategy in regards to bringing new music to new audiences (in 1 or 2 sentences)

The collection of workshops attempts to break down the barrier between workshop and stage, rehearsal room and lab, and considers music for DIY electronics as an holistic practice. Workshops and related pieces are viewed as singular projects.



Did the initiative focus on a particular music type/genre? If so, please give details [For example, electroacoustic, experimental, electronica, noise, live electronics, live coding, laptop orchestra, chamber, orchestral, vocal):

Music for DIY Electronic Instruments

If relevant, location/venue type:


Average age range of audience or any other binding factor (for example location or other demographic). Please provide details below.

9 – 14 year olds

If relevant, what instrumentation was used as part of the project (for example, solo violin, live electronics, loud speaker orchestra, laptop ensemble, string quartet):

DIY Electronic Instruments

Aims/objectives (define aims as ideals and objectives as tangible outcomes)

To introduce DIY electronic instrument making and performance to children and adults alike.

What activities are included in the project?

Music for DIY Electronics consists of a circular process of ideas, listening, making, and playing

Outcomes of the project

DIY Electronic Instruments, Performances

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DIY, Music-Making, Performing, Creating, Making, DIY Electronics